Making Money Online
10 Ways To Make Money Online That Anyone, Anywhere Can Do

10 Ways To Make Money Online That Anyone, Anywhere Can Do

The online marketplace is the way of the future, especially for entrepreneurial types ready to ditch their 9-to-5 jobs and two-hour commutes. Many people assume they need to start a popular blog to make money online, and that is one option. But monetizing a blog takes time. Unless you really enjoy writing, you’re better off looking at other opportunities better suited to your skill set.

Here are 10 ways to earn easy income online without starting a blog.



Whatever service you’re selling, there’s probably someone on Fiverr who’s buying. Fiverr is a unique marketplace where users offer their skills or expertise for five dollars. Clients hire professionals for voiceover work, keyword research, Photoshop editing, career advice, logo designs, mobile app development — the list goes on.

Think about what services you can provide quickly and correctly, then create a free profile and gig listing. You can also upsell clients with add-on features after they make the initial five dollar agreement.



The Fulfilled by Amazon program allows you to sell products to customers around the world, which Amazon will package and ship for you directly from its warehouses. You’ll have little overhead, since you don’t have to handle inventory and only pay for storage space as Amazon fills your orders.

Get started by finding a product that’s popular on Amazon, then order it in bulk from a site like to resell.



Amazon will pay you a commission just for referring people to its products. You sign up for a free Amazon Associates account, then use custom links to ensure you get credit if someone uses them to buy Amazon products. Here’s a look at the commission rates on different items.

You can write about your favorite products on a blog or personal site, or you can share the links on social media. The goal is to educate your audience about products that would be of value to them, then get them to buy using your affiliate links.



This is another Amazon program, but it focuses on “hits,” or micro tasks, that you complete quickly. Thousands of people power the Mechanical Turk marketplace by working on small segments of many projects. For instance, if someone submits a 60-minute transcription project, 10 people will transcribe six minutes each, rather than having one person take the entire assignment.

Tasks on the site include data entry, writing short paragraphs, taking surveys, and countless other options. Daily earnings range from a few dollars to $100, for those willing to hustle.



Leverage your personal and professional experiences for profit by creating a course on Udemy. With four million returning students, Udemy is the largest e-learning marketplace in the world, and you can sell a course on virtually anything through its platform. Current courses cover Javascript, writing, yoga, piano lessons, knitting, interpersonal relationships, and much more. Get creative about what you can teach, and then get paid to showcase your knowledge.

Udemy keeps a percentage of your profits, but promotes your course within its user base so you still end up making decent money. I started using Udemy about three years ago and earn a few thousand dollars a month from four courses.

Bonus for Twenty Labs readers! Right now you can grab my most popular course with 6,000+ students for only $10 using this link



Fifty-three million Americans make some or all of their income from freelance or contract work. You can work as a part- or full-time virtual assistant, or take on client projects as a writer, programmer, web designer, accountant, business consultant or several other capacities.

If you’re new to the freelancing game, create a target buyer persona on bidding sites like or Strategize before you start bidding to make sure you’re taking on projects that pay well. You’ll also want to set up a portfolio site to make it easy for clients to find and hire you directly. Thanks to intuitive themes from Themeforest, powered by great hosting from Bluehost, you can easily have a portfolio site up and running in no time.



Have a knack for homemade crafts? Sell them on Etsy, the international marketplace that’s taken the DIY craft world by storm — and has earned some entrepreneurs serious dough. Sign up for free and test your best products in your ownEtsy shop.



Craigslist — it’s so much more than Missed Connections. You can start a profitable side business by advertising your freelance services or selling restored furniture on local Craigslist sites. You don’t have to deal with shipping if you sell locally, but sharpen your negotiation skills before you enter into any Craigslist transactions. People can be brutal when looking for a bargain.



Thanks to the ever growing number of blogs and news sites, good photography is in major demand. If you’re sitting on a repository of great photos, or are willing to shoot some fresh ones, you can earn money selling your snaps online. Sites like Envato, Shutterstock, and iStockPhoto and apps like Foap all buy photos. And you don’t have to choose just one — you can license the same photos to multiple sites.



This is one of the largest online art marketplaces and home to a passionate art community. Sell your art on the site or promote your work to get commissioned for new pieces. Check out this great resource from The Abundant Artist on selling through DeviantArt.

There’s no limit to what you can sell online. Whether you’re a designer, an accountant, or you’re just really good at making wine bottle art, you’ll find a niche on the Internet. By thinking beyond blogging, you can create multiple streams of income. And before you know it, you’ll never need another 9-to-5 again (unless you want one, of course).

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