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15 Podcasts Entrepreneurs & Bloggers Shouldn’t Miss Out On


Let’s face it – sometimes being a blogger can get lonely. You’re doing your own thing and enjoying it, but a bit of a company would be a true icing on your self-employment cake.

Luckily, in recent years we’ve seen a surge in the podcasting culture. This increase isn’t all about numbers, though – there’s a lot of high quality involved too. Podcasts can be your digital companion and help you out with pieces of advice, tricky tips, struggles discussed and whatnot, all presented by their knowledgable hosts. This type of media has become an integral part of my routine and I wouldn’t be willing to ever let go of it.

That’s why I’m presenting to you this smallish list of my top podcasts to follow if you’re an entrepreneur and/or a blogger. They will not only keep you company, but help you perfect your business.

Smart Passive Income


The name Pat Flynn should ring a bell, as he’s one of the most influential business podcasters out there. In Smart Passive Income, Flynn discusses his online business and blogging strategies, what worked and what didn’t, so you can draw your own conclusions. He throws a great mix of marketing tips, automation and outsourcing insight, technical aspects like SEO and affiliate marketing, and much, much more. An obligatory hear.

Ask Pat


Ask Pat is Pat Flynn again, but presenting himself in a different light. This podcast is more of a Q & A format, where Pat’s readers ask him questions and he answers them. Of course, his replies are connected with entrepreneurial affairs, so the podcast is on business point. A very useful extension to his Smart Passive Income, Ask Pat is Flynn’s deluxe edition of discussing business in a friendly way.


The Fizzle


Are you a fan of the indie culture? The Fizzle is an amazing podcast for all of you lovers of independent entrepreneurship and blogging. Fresh, quirky and straight to the point – there’s a reason why these guys have a strong community, with mastermind groups and flourishing discussions present. A must have for any appreciator of how indie business is done. The Fizzle’s wittiness in presenting their information is also top notch.

Being Boss


Speaking of indie culture, Emily Thompson (“Indie Shopography”) and Kathleen Shannon (“Braid Creative”) have this absolutely marvelous podcast catering to creative entrepreneurs. If you feel like one, you should give a listen to what the charming duo has to say. Thompson and Shannon will discuss the struggles small businesses might face, go in-depth into the power of creativity, and give you your weekly dose of intelligent entrepreneurship.

The Lively Show


Jess Lively spans across more than just blogging or entrepreneurship, though she surely has a lot to say in both of these domains. The Lively Show is an all-around podcast that combines everything from personal habits to relationships and career insight. Of course, her main topic is blogging, and what I especially like about her discussions is the uplifting, inspirational tone that is always present.

Blogging Your Passion


Jonathan Milligan started Blogging Your Passion in 2011 and since then he’s going strong in terms of sharing invaluable advice for bloggers all around the globe. The podcast features a lot of guests (popular bloggers with a track of substantial achievements) that share their tips for success and how to captivate your readers in the best way possible. Social media, digital marketing, creating and maintaining a business based on blogging…You will learn a lot here, guaranteed.

How They Blog


With a name like this, you know that How They Blog will be a podcast delivering terrific blogging case studies. Kat Lee interviews influential bloggers who will share their strategies and insight, so you can utilize some of their tactics to your own benefit. Unfortunately, Kat doesn’t have much spare time right now, but you can always dig through the podcast’s history. Some pieces of advice are timeless.

Inbound Pro Podcast With Hector Cuevas


Hector Cuevas is a total blogging and digital marketing guru. In his podcast, he shares a lot of insight coming from the world of blog tips, SEO strategies and various marketing tactics. Expect to get a tasty dose of lead generation, affiliate marketing, social proof and proper branding, all packed in an amusing and informational podcast format. Hector is one of the best business guys to hear from, hands down. He’ll get you pumped up to become an even better entrepreneur.

After The Jump


After The Jump is a podcast hosted by design blogger Grace Bonney. Once again, this podcast combines blogging with business, as Grace interviews designers, store owners and new members of the creative community. After The Jump also deals with the world of indie artists and doing independent business. An insightful podcast journey into creativity, entrepreneurship, and art.

Grow The Dream Sho


Grow The Dream Show is targeted at small business owners and aims to ease up your marketing endeavors.  David Johnson, Rod Thomson and Josh Muccio are experienced entrepreneurs willing to share their years of practice with the podcast’s listeners. Groundbreaking concepts, clear explanations, advice for the non-techies and smart marketing tips – Grow The Dream Show has them all. The podcast is especially great for small business owners with limited resources that look towards optimizing what they have.



If any of you are hooked on statistics, data analysis and loads of metrics, ConversionCast is the right podcast for you to tune in to. Each episode of the podcast features a real case study coming from an established marketer. The guest shares an invaluable tactic that led to tangible increase (conversions, subscriptions, a defined goal) – and the numbers before and after employing the technique. A delicious set of hard data, interesting outcomes and marketing tips for you to draw inspiration from.

The #AskGaryVee Show


Gary Vaynerchuck has a very fresh take on the podcasting world: he answers questions, tweeted by his readers with the #AskGaryVee hashtag. As you might guess from his approach to the podcast format, Gary talks a lot about social media and digital marketing. An entrepreneur himself, he’s always ready to share outstanding tips and tricks to everything related to self-employment and entrepreneurship.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur


Natalie Sisson is the “suitcase entrepreneur” and she wants you to take part on her journey to business freedom. The podcast focuses on building an online business that you can run no matter where you are located. Your entrepreneurial weapons of choice? Outsourcing, social media and its power, and various online tools to automate your tasks. The Suitcase Entrepreneur features crisp 15 to 30-minute interviews with influential business people who have established their own business and are willing to help you out start your own adventure.



StartUp is only one of the shows quirky GimletMedia have in their portfolio. However, it’s the most relevant to the topics of blogging and entrepreneurship, so I’m listing it here. The question is: are you ready for a big, spicy dish of “business affairs”? StartUp is a podcast that doesn’t play around – it gets straight to the point and unfolds tricks and insight from the startup world in a sassy and cheeky manner. Reserve your seat and listen to what the guys have to say on all those things re:startup you haven’t dared ask about.

Entrepreneur On Fire


John Lee Dumas is the mastermind behind this podcast and he caters exclusively to serial entrepreneurs, side-preneurs or small business owners. Dumas has a very pleasant style of conducting his interviews with entrepreneurs and you can rely on him to deliver actionable advice and thought-provoking concepts to your everyday business life. Sit down and enjoy a Q & A session where influential entrepreneurs will describe their business journey – from their failures, through their “Eureka!” moments, to the final point of success.

Recommend a podcast!

From Pay Flynn to Kat Lee to GimletMedia, every single one of these podcasts I listed can be of tremendous help to any aspiring entrepreneur or blogger. Depending on your niche and priorities, you might prefer some of the shows and ditch others. It’s all up to you, after all.

Do you follow any of the listed podcasts by any chance? What do you like about its format and the advice present there?
Also, if you like to tune into another podcast that I haven’t mentioned (and that has to do with all things blogging related), go ahead and recommend it!

It’s always thrilling to find about a new beneficial resource that educates you and amuses you at the same time.

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