joel-profile275Joel Widmer is the founder of Dallas content marketing agency, Fluxe Digital Marketing—that specializes in content marketing strategy and training for businesses and authors. He has worked with numerous name-brand publishers to help more than two dozen authors and thousands of bloggers create and execute digital marketing campaigns for their book launches. Additionally, his company has assisted national luxury brands, technology companies and restaurants.


john-headshotJohn Price is a marketing consultant and business owner in Nashville Tennessee. John and his team manages personality brands, runs a lead generation company for a niche healthcare industry and manages an Amazon marketplace business selling physical products. His approach to utilizing proven marketing campaigns has helped John and his clients hit record revenue numbers, email signups, social media followers and client retention.

Both Joel and John have partnered together on business and client-based projects through the years and continue to collaborate. TwentyLabs is a way for them to continue to share the knowledge gained in their experience in working with top bloggers, personality brand, ecommerce companies and small businesses.

About Us

Twenty labs was born from Joel Widmer & John Price with the idea that no matter what you want to do, you have to focus on the right things to grow that 20% that is the most important.

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