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Let’s face it – sometimes being a blogger can get lonely. You’re doing your own thing and enjoying it, but a bit of a company would be a true icing on your self-employment cake.

Luckily, in recent years we’ve seen a surge in the podcasting culture. This increase isn’t all about numbers, though – there’s a lot of high quality involved too. Podcasts can be your digital companion and help you out with pieces of advice, tricky tips, struggles discussed and whatnot, all presented by their knowledgable hosts. This type of media has become an integral part of my routine and I wouldn’t be willing to ever let go of it.

That’s why I’m presenting to you this smallish list of my top podcasts to follow if you’re an entrepreneur and/or a blogger. They will not only keep you company, but help you perfect your business.

Smart Passive Income


The name Pat Flynn should ring a bell, as he’s one of the most influential business podcasters out there. In Smart Passive Income, Flynn discusses his online business and blogging strategies, what worked and what didn’t, so you can draw your own conclusions. He throws a great mix of marketing tips, automation and outsourcing insight, technical aspects like SEO and affiliate marketing, and much, much more. An obligatory hear.

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