Getting your site installed and running properly takes the right steps and tools to ensure that it is optimized and ready to generate money.

Whether you’re just starting out with your WordPress site or a veteran blogger, our guide will show you the entire process and the tools we recommend.

Step 1: 7 Questions To Ask Before You Start Blogging

Step 2: How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme For Your Blog

Step 3: The Ultimate Guide to Configuring Your WordPress Site

Step 4: 12 Step Template for Writing the Perfect Blog Post

Step 5: Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Site Organically

Step 6: Checklist for Starting a Blog For Income

Tools we use:


We recommend Bluehost because it’s reliable, has great support and is inexpensive at just $3.95 per month. The first time I set up my site I didn’t go with Bluehost, and I seriously regretted the hours of hassle it caused me.

Website and Design


  • These themes were created by the Copyblogger team and run on the Genesis framework (the framework is the foundation of the site and the customization of the backend things like columns and backgrounds.)
  • You can get any theme with the Genesis framework for $99.
  • Studiopress has great support.


  • Woothemes are a great choice with simple backend management.
  • If you’re considering an e-commerce store they also have Blue Commerce which is a great choice.
  • They have free themes and paid themes starting at $99.


  • Themeforest is by far the biggest marketplace with many user generated themes.
  • Because the themes are user-generated you’ll want to read the reviews and see how good the support is for each theme. Make sure you can get answers to your questions if a problem comes up.
  • Most themes are in the $0-$70 range, but they also have free themes.

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Twenty labs was born from Joel Widmer & John Price with the idea that no matter what you want to do, you have to focus on the right things to grow that 20% that is the most important.

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